Netflix says the end is nigh for disc-based media and sees no point in 4K discs, as the company claims it will always be ahead of broadcasters when it comes to new technology

"Why would you want to go back to a disc-based technology?" Those were the words of Netflix's Chief Streaming and Partnerships Officer, Greg Peters, speaking at a press briefing at Netflix HQ, Los Gatos, California.

Although there are rumours surrounding a 4K Blu-ray disc format for the latter part of 2014, it would appear, perhaps unsurprisingly for a streaming video service, Netflix sees this as a backwards step.

Peters goes as far to suggest that he doesn't see any new disc format as an option, saying: "We probably should have already seen the last of disc-based technologies.

"Based on what you've seen today [4K streaming], why would you go back? We have the technology and capability to deliver it.

"Going back to a disc-based format would be basically encumbering the user experience with a bunch of barriers and friction points that don't really add a lot of value..."

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Peters also believes broadcasters will always be playing catch-up with services such as Netflix when it comes to technological advances.

"Other distribution forms (including broadcast) won't ever really catch up. By the time some folks eventually eventually broadcast 4K, we'll be doing 10/120fps (frames per second), full bit colour and higher dynamic resolution, pushing the frontier at internet speed."

Netflix is clearly ready to push forward with 4K video and beyond, following the launch of Netflix 4K streaming in the UK last month.

Earlier this week Netflix suggested that it would be "five years before 4K Ultra HD went mainstream", but it's clear that the company is committed to higher resolution streaming, with Breaking Bad and more on the way in 4K later this year.

What do you think? Is there room for a 4K disc format or are you happy to stream 4K TV programmes and movies over the internet? How long do you think it will be until Ultra HD broadcasts become the norm? Or is 4K not for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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by Andy Madden

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RikkyB's picture

Most Broadband Not Up to Streamming 4K

It annoys me when companies make sweeping statements about consumers needs & wants. I's love to sign up to Netflix but the infrastructure is insufficient. These companies live in little bubbles & think the world has the same access to fast broadband that they do.

I can't even stream SD in the evening due to congestion & contention & most of my friends are the same. Until the vast majority of properties have stable connection of over 30meg streaming 4K is a joke & there will be a need for a physical copy of a movie. The private sector is not interested in rolling out 'fibre to the premises' to all & I see zero chance of state investment either. The aspiration for the Govt funded part of fibre roll out is that all homes have a minimum connection of 2meg. Quite useless for media applications.









Alantiggger's picture

Netflix streaming 4k

Why on earth would the headline be any different given that Netfix are a 'streaming' set-up to view things ?

Blu Ray type of disk will be quite brilliant for us movie lovers   Wink

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