Musical Fidelity set to launch 'ultimate Pure Class A' power amplifier

New from Musical Fidelity is the massive AMS100 stereo power amplifier, described by the company as 'the most advanced Pure Class A amplifier ever made.'

Delivering 2x100W and selling for £12,999 when it hits the shops later this month, the new amplifier draws on both the lower-powered AMS50 and the massive Titan power amp for elements of its design.

In fact the company says it has 'the same basic circuit as the AMS50 but even more of it', along with 'precisely the same circuitry and number of output transistors as our monster Titan.'

The AMS100, like the AMS50, is of a bridged design, with separate power supplies for each half of the bridge, each supply using the company's unique design of choke regulation, giving a power supply noise refection ratio of 88:1. It also uses a large number of capacitors for dynamic consistency under all load conditions.

The result is said to be 'Ultra low distortion from 20Hz to 20kHz', and 'At normal listening levels the ultra-low distortion is consistent right up to 50kHz.' The amplifier will double its power into 4ohms, and is within 0.25dB of doubling again into 2ohms.

Musical Fidelity says that 'The AMS100 has been designed for an elite band of audiophile purists who want the ultimate Class A amplifier ever made. We don't expect to sell many. Those lucky few who get their hands on one will be fulfilled.'

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