Neat Motive SE2
New Motive SE2s have internal improvements and new tweeter, while XL6 is first Ultimatum model for six years

British speaker company Neat Acoustics is using the Munich High End Show, which opened this morning, to launch two significant new models. The £1325/pr Motive SE2s, which were first seen at the Bristol Show back in February, are going into full production next month, while a new top-end model, the Ultimatum XL6, will be available in September at around £6750/pr.

The Motive SE2s look similar to the existing Motive 2 model, with the exception of the use of a new version of the 25mm EMIT planar/ribbon tweeter in place of the standard inverted dome.

The tweeter has superior frequency response and a more natural rendition of tonal colour, and is compliantly mounted in its own enclosure, isolating it from both cabinet vibration and the back pressure developed by the 13.4cm coated paper cone mid/bass unit.

The cabinet also has extra bracing and damping, and the woofer now operates in a smaller internal volume, with a retuned downward-venting reflex port. Neat says this gives tighter bass, better all-round control and the ability to deliver higher sound pressure levels when required.

Also reworked is the hard-wired crossover, which now uses upgraded components,  polypropylene films capacitors of different values wired in parallel, and air-cored inductors with OFC windings and reinforced glassfibre formers.

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The Motive SE2 stands 76.5cm tall, has 8ohm nominal impedance and 86dB/W/m sensitivity, and is designed for use with amps from 25W to 200W. It comes in a choice of wood finishes, with high gloss black or white available to special order.

At the upper end of the Neat range is the forthcoming Ultimatum XL6 – the first new model in this series for six years. The floorstanding design is described as 'a multi-chamber, multi-facet loudspeaker system incorporating six drive units per enclosure'.

Two of the drivers - 16.8cm bass units – are hidden away in an isobaric chamber, one on the bottom panel of the enclosure, the other inside, with a sealed volume between the two. This assembly works as a passive subwoofer, underpinning the main mid/bass driver, a version of the same 16.8cm unit with an aluminium phase plug to aid dispersion and reduce dynamic compresssion.

Above that, and in its own chamber – one of five within the speaker – is the 26mm Sonomex dome high-frequency driver, while there are also two 25mm EMIT planar/ribbon supertweeters, firing upwards to create a sense of space in the sound.

The cabinet stands 1m tall, and is made from 18mm birch ply, with the main baffles comprising a 45mm sandwich of ply, polyethylene damping and MDF. The speakers will be available in the usual Neat real-wood finishes, plus premium high-gloss Black, Velvet Cloud and Red Velvet Cloud.

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