Meridian Audio acquires Sooloos


Meridian Audio CEO Tim Ireland says: "As the market evolves towards downloading and streaming content and more sophisticated forms of control, we have been seeking the right partner to widen our scope and enable us to further excite our customers.

"Combining Meridian and Sooloos takes both companies over many hurdles; the two companies share striking similarities in culture, product philosophy, pursuit of excellence and market approach."

Sooloos was established in New York in 2001, and manufactures networked home entertainment systems, designed to locate, store, distribute and manage a wide variety of media content.

For now, Sooloos and Meridian's operations will continue with "only modes changes". Sooloos will retain offices in New York, and the companies' R&D teams are already working closely together.

Sooloos products will be distributed via Meridian's global network of specialist distributors, dealers and custom installers, fully retaining the Sooloos brand and identity. US distribution will be coordinated by Meridian America Inc, in Atlanta, while export markets will be served by Meridian Audio from the UK.

Sooloos founders Enno Vandermeer and Danny Dulai and other key executives including Peter Wellikoff will remain with the company.

If you'd like to know more about the Sooloos system, we've just tested it in the Ultimate Guide to New Technology 2009, which is on sale now, so check it out for the full review.