McIntosh launches £20,000 MC611 power amplifier

Out with the old, in with the new - and for McIntosh, that means replacing the MC601 we first saw in 2011 with the MC611.

The new high-power monoblock amp has a number of upgrades over its ancestor, and top of the charts is that McIntosh has doubled its filter capacity (which means you should get better, and cleaner, bass sound).

There are a few design changes too: the front panel has LED backlighting while, on the top of the unit, the power transformers are contained in glass-topped enclosures. The MC611 also features a couple of monogrammed heatsinks to better manage its temperature.

Further enhancements include heavier gauge internal wiring, upgraded circuit components, and an eco-friendly power management system.

Speaking of power, 600 watts are produced from the MC611, and McIntosh claims the amp can deliver that level of power regardless of impedance. It has balanced and unbalanced outputs for connecting to loudspeakers, sending the audio signal to secondary systems or to a powered subwoofer.

You can pre-order the MC611 now, for £19,995 per pair.


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