Marshall's latest Bluetooth speakers combine iconic design with a bigger, louder sound

Marshall Homeline III Bluetooth speakers go for bigger, louder, room-filling sound
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Summer is peak time for Bluetooth speakers, and now Marshall has launched its new range, just in time for the good weather. The Homeline III range is the firm's third-generation of Bluetooth speakers, and has some notable improvements to boost the sound quality. And, naturally, they all sport the iconic Marshall amp design. The perfect Father's Day gift?

For starters, all three speakers in the family have outward-angled tweeters, giving them a wider soundstage. The Marshall signature sound has been re-engineered too, in an effort to make it more immersive. The new Placement Compensation feature automatically corrects for any nearby reflective surfaces that may affect the sound and Dynamic Loudness tweaks the tonal balance, making for a consistently clear sound at any volume.

On-device controls include a Bluetooth pairing button, power, bass, treble and a control knob. All speakers update using the app to bring the latest features the minute they're available, and they offer Bluetooth 5.2 for greater range and a more robust wireless connection. They all have 3.5mm headphone jacks too, while the Woburn III also has an HDMI for connecting to your TV.

Woburn III is the biggest of the range, and weighs a hefty 7.45kg. It features one 90W Class D amplifier for the woofer, two 15W Class D amplifiers for the mids, and two 15 Watt Class D amplifiers for the tweeters. It features a Night Mode for maintaining the balance at low volumes, so you can still make out dialogue without waking the neighbours.

Stanmore III is a little smaller, and a bit less powerful, offering one 50W Class D amplifier for the woofer, and two 15 Watt Class D amplifiers for the tweeters. Acton III is the smallest, with one 30W Class D amplifier for the woofer and two 15W Class D amplifiers for the tweeters.

Acton III costs £239.99 / $279 (about AU$400), Stanmore III is £329.99 / $379 (about AU$540), and Woburn III is £499.99 / $579 (about AU$820). They're available to pre-order now, with shipping starting on 23rd June.


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