Logitech launches four new iPod docks in time for Christmas

Pure-Fi Express Plus

First up is the £50 Pure-Fi Anytime complete with an AM/FM radio, alarm clock and remote control, the Anytime has Made for iPod and Works with iPhone compatibility. Motion-activated, backlit controls and a big ol' display complete the mains-only dock.

Next in line is the £70 Pure-Fi Express Plus, which boasts innovative omnidirectional speakers, which aim to ensure your system sounds as good from behind as it does when it's pointing towards you.

It's a mains or battery-powered device, again complete with an alarm clock, remote and Made For iPod and Works with iPhone tags.

If you've ditched your MP3 player in favour of a multimedia phone, then the Pure-Fi Mobile could be for you. It's a Bluetooth-enabled speaker dock, allowing you to send music wirelessly from your phone to the dock.

As befits such a product you get a free carry case in to the package and the internal rechargeable battery pack is good for 12 hours of playback. Also on board is an integrated mic, allowing you to use it as a wireless speakerphone with your paired Bluetooth mobile.

Last but far from least is the Pure-Fi Anywhere 2. Hot on the heels of the excellent Pure-Fi Anywhere, the updated model adds Made for iPod and Made for iPhone compatibility, plus a few minor cosmetic tweaks.

We will be putting all the new models through their paces in the coming months, so keep checking whathifi.com and of course What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine for the reviews.