Live from the Sony 2011 press launch at Gleneagles

Sony KDL-HX923

We hope to get a glimpse of the Japanese giant's forthcoming product range later today, but to kick off we're listening to a presentation from the company's marketing director. Here are the highlights so far:

• Sony predicts a 6% decline in overall LCD TV sales, but 273% growth in 3D tellies (albeit from a low base)

• The UK is apparently the best market for connected products. We have 66% of households with a wi-fi network, and 25 million Facebook users

• On the subject of 3D, the company predicts content will prevail with 35 major movies, at least 20 major games and 500 hours of Sky 3D broadcasts planned

• We're now getting a demo of Qriocity, Sony's content-on-demand service. More on this in our earlier news coverage

• Sony brings web TV into the bedroom with connected sets in 22, 24, 26 and 32in sizes from the EX320 range, all edge-lit LED models

• 25 Sony TV models coming in 2011, 24 of them web connected. Includes the CX520 with cool brushed aluminium fascia, and EX523 models in 32, 37, 40 and 46in screen sizes. Picture here

• Sony unveils a new PVR: the SVR-HDT500, £330, 500GB, twin Freeview HD tuners, pause and rewind live TV, two USB ports, available this month. Can record up to 300 hours of standard-definition material, 125 hours of high definition.

• There'll also be a 1TB version of the PVR, the SVR-HDT1000, available in May for £400. Good for 600 hours of SD recording, or 250 hours of HD. See a picture of the interface here

• Sony's flagship 2011 TV is the HX923: direct LED backlight, local dimming, thinner bezel, monolith design, comes with two pairs of 3D glasses and a Skype camera. See it here

• Big new range of Sony headphones on the way. Flagship model is the Z1000 with magnesium frame, detachable chord, designed for home and studio use, costs £500. See it here

• More Sony iPod docks on the way: M5IP portable £70; M15IP, £120, with six hour battery life, 20W power, rotating dock for watching films/videos and designed for travel. Here's a picture of the M15IP

• Just getting details of the HX823 TV range: has X-Reality Pro top-end processing engine, 200Hz MotionFlow, monolith design, optional powered stand, dynamic edge LED backlighting. Take a look

• We're tackling Sony about the full UK TV lineup right now! Should have some more info shortly.

• OK, here we go with a roundup of how Sony's 2011 UK range stacks up. Prices are given where we have them.

2011 TV range in full

KDL-CX32D: a 22in HD-ready LCD/DVD combi with two HDMI ports (£tbc).

KDL-EX320: Edge-lit LED screens with wi-fi and Bravia Internet Video, 22in (£299), 24in (£349) and 26in (£tbc).

KDL-CX520: LCD only, no LED backlighting or Freeview HD, 32in and 40in (£tbc).

KDL-CX523: Adds Freeview HD tuner, Full HD, 50Hz, Skype-ready but not 3D. Again 32in and 40in (£tbc).

KDL-EX523/EX524: Come in 32in (£599), 37in (£699), 40in (£849) and 46in (£1199) sizes. The 37in and 46in models add USB recording and hence have the EX524 suffix.

KDL-EX723: Entry-level 3D TV range with edge-LED backlighting, 100Hz, built-in 3D transmitter, optional 3D glasses. Available in 32in (£749), 37in (£tbc), 40in (£999), 46in (£1399) and 55in (£1699).

KDL-NX723: 3D, Monolith design, 100Hz, similar to the 2010 KDL-NX713 models but with a thinner bezel. 40in (£1199), 46in (£1600), 55in (£2100) and 60in (£tbc).

KDL-HX723: Not a Monolith design, but 3D, has 200Hz and better picture processing technology. 40in costs £1400, 46in £1699.

KDL-HX823: Monolith design, 200Hz, and 3D capable. Sizes 46in (£1899) and 55in (£2399).

KDL-HX923: Flagship model, full array direct LED backlight, MotionFlow XR 800, X-Reality Pro engine, comes with two pairs of TDG-BR200 3D glasses and built-in Skype camera/microphone. Sizes 46in (£2299) and 55in (£2799).

A trio of new Blu-ray players

As for Blu-ray players, the range mirrors last year's, prices to be confirmed:

BDP-S380: Entry-level model, not 3D, does have Bravia Internet Video.

BDP-S480: Adds 3D capability to spec of the BDP-S380.

BDP-S580: Adds 3D and wi-fi capability.

Interestingly, there's no mention of the flagship BDP-780 player to replace the existing BDP-770 model (it's already been announced in the US, and goes on sale there in April).

You can check out more pictures, prices and tech specs of the new model range in our dedicated blog.

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