The Majik DS from Linn
The future-proof Majik DS is here, and it plays everything from MP3s to FLAC files

Whether you have AAC, MP3 or even FLAC files, Linn claim that playback of your digital music collection via Linn's Majik DS "outperforms any CD player". If that's the case, it could finally free your downloaded and ripped music from its computer corral, to join the rest of your 'proper' music collection.

It catalogues your music, making it easily accessible; keeps up with developments such as new formats via regular software updates, and can be controlled in a huge variety of ways, including touchscreen, remote control, via your computer or even with your mobile phone.

Retailing at £1750, the Majik DS can be 'bolted on' to your existing system, paired with an amp or integrated amp or used as part of a multi-room system. Look out for our review, coming soon.