First it was the demise of the standalone CD player, now hi-fi stalwart Linn is calling time on the traditional pre-amplifier.

Scottish hi-fi specialist Linn is once again predicting the end of conventional hi-fi components with the news that it is to stop production of all standalone preamps.

Back in 2009, Linn forecast the demise of the CD player when it announced that it would stop making them. That hasn't happened, as many manufacturers still produce standalone players, but certainly sales of disc-based media are in decline as streaming becomes more popular.

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Linn is continuing to focus on its DS range of digital products. It says it signalled the "beginning of the end" for the preamp in 2011 when it integrated the network music capabilities of DS with preamp functionality in a single product, the Linn DSM. Now Linn claims its DSM players are "set to supersede the standalone preamp".

The firm's managing director Gilad Tiefenbrun says: "People told us we were crazy when we stopped making CD players, but it was simply a reflection of Linn's development of a superior technology, together with changes in how people are consuming music."

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We can't see every other hi-fi manufacturer following Linn's lead, so those of you who still want a conventional preamp shouldn't have any trouble getting hold of one.

Meanwhile, Linn will offer a 10 per cent discount on any Linn DSM product for customers trading in an old preamp, from Linn or any other manufacturer. The offer runs until 14th August 2015. 

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More old news?

This was announced about a month ago, wasn't it?

Are WHF on the second class postage list?

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Linn news

We received the press release from Linn's UK PR company this morning, so it's the first we'd heard of it. The story appeared on Linn's website on May 29th.

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The story first appeared on

The story first appeared on Linn's website two weeks earlier on May 15th Andy.

That news was then discussed on various HiFi forums over the next few days.

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yep, you're late not only

yep, you're late not only with this arent't you?

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Does anyone really care ?

Does anyone really care ? Not a fan of Linn pre's myself.