LG GD880 Mini
New phone, due in Europe first, features proprietary web browser, 3.2in touchscreen, will sell for well under £200

LG looks set to be targeting the iPhone with its new Mini touchscreen mobile phone, which will make its debut this month in the UK, France and Germany before being offered worldwide.

Set to sell from as little as £165, the new GD880 model features a 3.2in screen, and is equipped with a new LG-developed web browser called Phantom, designed to give fast access to pages and the ability to have as many as ten websites open at once.

The Phantom browser is HTML 5 compatible, and the phone will also feature a range of internet applications and social network connection features.

It supports Google services such as Latitude, Gmail, Calendar and Maps, and enhanced JavaScript and Flash performance allows better video playback from sites such as YouTube.

Online Applications allow access to information and entertainment services: BBC News and AccuWeather are preinstalled, while the likes of CNN, Amazon and eBay will be available through the LG Widget Gallery.

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The Mini also offers LG Mini also offers push email, 5.0 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, FM radio and 7.2 Mbps HDSPA, while Air Sync offers simple synchronisation, and an On Screen Phone feature allows drag and drop file transfer from the phone to a computer.

Onboard memory is 330MB, with hot-swappable MicroSD cards providing expansion capability.

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