LG's five-star 2020 OLED TVs are getting a big upgrade

LG webOS 6.0
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LG has begun rolling out an update to its 2020 TV range which includes an overhauled user experience. This includes two five-star OLEDs, the GX OLED and CX OLED, as well as many of LG's NanoCell and LCD sets from three years ago.

This update allows users to select the full-screen webOS user interface introduced in 2021's webOS 6. The full-screen webOS interface has subsequently been featured on 2022 LG TV models such as the LG G2 OLED and C2 OLED. However, the update allows you to switch back to the bottom bar style interface by selecting "home screen style" within the settings menu.

So which TVs are getting this new firmware update?:

  • 2020 LG OLED range: ZX, GX, CX and BX
  • 2020 LG NanoCell range: NANO90, NANO85, NANO80
  • 2020 LG 4K LCD range: UN85, UN80, UN74, UN73, UN71

So what about webOS 2023, the new update that LG introduced with the G3 OLED and C3 OLED? Well as of now it looks like it will remain exclusive to those 2023 models, alongside the updated A, B and Z series OLEDs, as LG has no intention of updating last year's models with the new system. So why has LG decided to update its older TVs?

LG told FlatpanelsHD that its part of its commitment to supporting consumers, with the Korean company stating that "LG has always strived to support our TVs long after the consumer has purchased it". LG also says that this new firmware update is supposed to enhance the usability and navigation of the user interface which is always appreciated. However, we suspect that amongst the altruism from LG, there's also the incentive of additional revenue from the sponsored content panel.


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