KOREA: Seems it's not just the Japanese TV companies concerned about the rise of China

Last week I wrote about the growing threat the ever-stronger Chinese TV manufacturers pose to Japan's former giants of the consumer electronics industry, and stirred up some trenchant opinions about the pros and cons of Chinese-made TVs against established brands.

In that piece I considered the possible effect on the established Japanese names – the Panasonics, Sharps and Sonys – as the Chinese companies show their ability to produce TVs competitive not only on price, but also when it comes to cutting-edge technology.

Chinese manufacturers have 4K technology and the ability to make OLEDs already, and now it seems it's not just the Japanese casting a wary eye over their ability.

The same country responsible for deposing Japan from its position of TV market leadership – South Korea – is also finding itself being overtaken by the seemingly unstoppable Chinese consumer electronics industry.

Reports in the Korean press show that, in accordance with earlier predictions, China is rapidly growing its competence – and scale of production – in the LCD display market. Having already deposed Japan as the second-largest producer of large-panel LCDs, of the kind used in TVs, it's now eating into the lead until now enjoyed by South Korea.

China replaces Korea

As in a number of market-sectors, Korea is now seeing its dominance in LCD falling behind China's, and in 2011 the Korean share of the global LCD market fell to 39.1%, while China's rose to 42.5% – one of 12 industries in which it replaced Korea as global market leader.

In fact, China now has over 1400 industries in which it is the world's leading exporter, compared to Japan's 229 and Korea's 61. By the way, the UK has 75.

And if you need any further indication as to how the world market is changing, you may recall that Samsung showed its enormous 110in 4K 3D LED TV at CES 2013 in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago.

The display panel at the heart of the TV was made by Chinese company BOE.

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