Klipsch's new powered bookshelf speakers will play nicely with your record player

Klipsch R 50PM
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Premier audio manufacturer Klipsch has announced not one but two new powered speakers: the Klipsch R-40PM and the Klipsch R-50PM. Being powered speakers, both models integrate amplification directly, meaning you won’t need to hook them up to an external amplifier.

Instead, each can be plugged easily into a power outlet and then joined together using the supplied cable. Speaking of connectivity, there’s streaming via Bluetooth, as well as connection to additional sources such as a CD player, 3.5mm, optical and USB. Better yet, the R-40PM and R-50PM both come with a phono preamplifier, allowing you to connect a turntable and get your records spinning perfectly from the get-go. Convenient. 

There are some impressive numbers under the hood, too. Alongside that useful phono preamp and integrated powered amplification, both speakers house premium drivers: the R-40PM comes with a 100mm TCP woofer and a 25mm LTS aluminium tweeter, while the R-50PM has a 130mm TCP woofer and the same 25mm tweeter.

Klipsch R 40PM

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One of the big upgrades over the previous R-41PM and R-51PM designs is enhanced bass for both of the new kids on the block, with the R-40PM capable of reaching down to 60Hz, and the 50PM able to sink even further to 55Hz. In terms of power, the R-40 supplies 70W of total system power, in comparison with the R-50’s hefty 120W. There is also a Dynamic Bass Equalizer that “optimises bass performance in real time, ensuring perfect bass regardless of the volume level.” 

To help elicit a deeper bass response, Klipsch has increased the cabinet depths of the new models. The R-40PM is 28 per cent deeper than the outgoing R-41PM, whereas the new R-50PM adds 27 per cent, and although height and width have barely changed since the previous iteration, Klipsch assures us that the new designs are perfect for space-deprived areas such as desktops and shelves.

Both models boast an upgraded, edge-to-edge proprietary Tractrix horn design for improved coverage, bandwidth, and directivity control, so you can essentially direct where and how sound presents itself within a given room. Sounds clever. 

The new powered speakers are available to purchase in the UK, with further information available at www.klipsch.com and www.henleyaudio.co.uk. Prices for the R-40PM start at £499 / €549/ $499, while the more expensive R-50PM will currently set you back £599 / €649/ $599.


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