KEF's class-leading LS50 Meta speakers have finally dropped in price

Kef lS50 Meta
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We’ve always loved KEF’s iconic LS50 bookshelf speakers, with their innate transparency and extensive but focused stereo image. So when the company released a new version of these award-winning stand mounters last year, we were happy to discover that an already excellent speaker had been made even better.

Like several products, since its initial launch, the LS50 Meta have undergone a price increase and currently retail for £1100 at most shops, including KEF’s own website. But many retailers, including Amazon, Sevenoaks and Richer Sounds, have now discounted these class-leading speakers by a healthy £100.

KEF LS50 Meta £1100 £999 at Amazon (save £101)

KEF LS50 Meta £1100 £999 at Amazon (save £101)

Currently reduced at a number of retailers including Sevenoaks and Richer Sounds the KEFs offer class-leading sound for under a grand. Available in blue, white, grey or black, although not every retailer has this discount across all colours. Be sure to shop around.

KEF first launched the original LS50 as an anniversary celebration back in 2012, and the stylish stand mounters proved a massive success.

In 2021 the company’s engineers took a fresh look and thoroughly re-worked the LS50’s Uni-Q driver array, and added something new in the form of Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT).

While the essential sonic character is instantly familiar, the KEF LS50 Meta have a level of clarity and finesse the originals only hinted at. They also sound more transparent, managing to render low-level details with greater conviction.

They deliver music with a good degree of authority and large-scale dynamics are handled extremely well - there’s an impressive amount of muscle for a speaker of this size.

The LS50 Meta's sound is cleaner and more sophisticated than its predecessor's, particularly at higher frequencies where their insight, delicacy and top-end refinement are superb. The level of sophistication belies their accessible price point, making them the most composed performers you’ll find for under £1000.


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    They actually launched in 2020. They’ve also been at this price for a while at certain retailers.