Sony 3D specs
Optional glasses for 3D-ready TVs to go on sale in a choice of colours

Sony Japan has just announced details of the 3D active shutter glasses it will be selling from this June. And as you can see, apart from techy grey, they will also come in a choice of fetching baby blue and pink.

Perhaps the idea is that the functional-looking ones are for the grown-ups, and the pink and blue are for the kids. Pink for girls, blue for boys? Old habits die hard in Japan...

At the launch of Sony's 3D TV models, Yoshihisa Ishida, the company's senior vice president in charge of its home entertainment division, said that the first sets will also be in Japanese shops in June, with a 46in model selling for around Y350,000 (about £2600), and a 40in model at Y290,000 (£2150).

That's around Y90,000 (£670) more than a conventional TV of the same size.

The company will also be launching 52in and 60in models, all with integrated 3D and supplied with two pairs of glasses, while there will be a quartet of '3D-ready sets', to which the transmitter and glasses need to be added.

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Sony has upped its targets for LCD TV sales in the next financial year to around 25m units, 67% more than it expects to have sold in the year ending this month. It hopes 10% of those TV sales will be of 3D-capable models, and aims to raise that figure to 40% of 2012-13 sales.

Only the Bravia LX900 series 3D TVs will be sold complete with glasses in Japan; for the other 3D-ready models consumers will have to buy add-on glasses and an infrared emitter to control them.

The grey TDG-BR100 glasses, and the pink or blue TDG-BR50 models, will sell for around Y12,000 (around £90) a pop, with the infrared emitter an extra Y5000, or about £40.

So, for a conventional nuclear family, we're talking £400 on top of the cost of the TV. Takai, ne?

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