Sharp's greener LCD TVs
New sets use almost a third less power, and sell for up to 28% less than last year's models

Sharp has announced in Japan a new range of energy-efficient large-screen LCD TVs, and is planning to beat the economic downturn with prices up to 28% lower than those of last year's sets.

The new Aquos TVs come in 40, 46 and 52in sizes, and it's said the 46in LC-46AE6 model will use 145kWh of electricity a year, 32.6% less than a conventional LCD of the same size. In fact, its consumption is about the same as that of a typical 37in set. The 40in LC-40AE6 will use 120kWh a year, and the 52in Sharp LC-52AE6 (pictured) 175kWh.

Power savings have been made by more efficient backlighting and the use of an ambient light sensor, reducing the backlight – and thus the power consumption – when the TVs are watched in a darkened room.

The sets are expected to be priced between Y200,000 (just under £1400) and Y390,000 (around £2700), making them 13-28% less expensive than last year's equivalents.10th-gen LCD subsidiarySharp has also announced the establishment of a new subsidiary company, as part of its moves toward a joint venture with Sony to make and market large LCD panels and modules.

The company's new LCD factory, being built at Sakai, Osaka, will be prepared for the joint venture, planned as the first able to handle 10th generation LCD motherglass substrates.

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These 2.85x3.05m glass sheets are able to yield six 60in screens, eight 50in or fourteen 40in panels.