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ISOL-8 MiniSubs filter the mains to give your system a boost

ISOL-8 MiniSub

New from ISOL-8 are the MiniSub Wave and MiniSub Axis mains power conditioners, each with six mains sockets and the latter with DC blocking.

They'll set you back £699 and £999 respectively, and are designed to help improve the performance of your hi-fi or home cinema system by protecting against mains surges and spikes and delivering a cleaner power supply.

The new models use technology that's filtered down from the company's flagship SubStations, including ISOL-8 Transmodal filter technology and premium audiophile components.

Both have a CNC milled aluminium front panel, silver plated copper wiring with PTFE insulation, separate high and low current paths and a five-year guarantee.

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