Is Apple struggling to sell the iPhone 14 Plus?

Is Apple struggling to sell the iPhone 14 Plus?
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Apple's newest iPhone variant might not be selling as well as hoped. With the iPhone 14 range, Apple replaced the iPhone Mini with the iPhone Plus, a bigger-screened take on the standard iPhone. But now Apple has reportedly paused production while its procurement team "re-evaluates demand for the product", according to The Information (via 9to5Mac).

According to the report, Apple has told at least one manufacturer in China to stop production completely, while two suppliers that put together specific modules for the device have slashed their production by 70 per cent and 90 per cent.

The iPhone 14 Plus launched less than two weeks ago, on 7th October. Apple's iPhone Mini variant reportedly suffered poor sales, but Apple didn't halt production at any point in its run, and especially not two weeks after release.

Instead, it worked on making a model to replace it. But now it seems that model is suffering a similar fate.

Perhaps the 14 Plus is a tough sell. All it offers over the standard iPhone 14 is a bigger screen (6.7 inches compared to 6.1), but it costs £100 / $100 / AU$180 more. The iPhone 14 is likely big enough for most people. Anyone willing to pay more is more likely to opt for the Pro or Pro Max, which offer better cameras, faster processors and the 'dynamic island', which replaces the much-maligned screen notch.

However, don't expect the iPhone 14 Plus to disappear from sale any time soon. Taking it off the shelves would be a humiliating move by Apple. Indeed, the firm is reportedly pushing ahead with plans for an iPhone 15 Plus next year. At the most, expect fewer 14 Plus models to be available to better meet the lower demand.


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