InFocus IN80
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Blaming the crash in value of the pound against the dollar, InFocus has upped the prices of its award-winning projectors, with the IN80, IN81, IN82 and IN83 all receiving hefty hikes

A short and not-so-sweet piece of news from InFocus today, as the credit crunch and weak pound claims another victim.

The American company has announced new prices for its projectors, some of which receive fairly considerable price increases after picking up Awards earlier this year.

As of today the approximate retail prices (inc VAT) are as follows: the IN80 is up to £1599 from £1300, the IN81 is now £2599 from £1999, the IN82 goes to £2999 from £2750 and the IN83 is up to £3999 from £3500.

We suggest if you're in the market for an InFocus you get on the hunt quick and find a dealer who's yet to up its prices...