IFA: Loewe launches first 4K TVs and curved Masterpiece flagship

There are four new Loewe TV ranges in all, with the Connect and Art ranges set to go on sale later this year, to be followed in 2015 by the Reference range and the curved Masterpiece.

All the new televisions use the Loewe Operating System, the system's home for all its smart TV apps and features, which include 'fast channel changing', remote recording from mobiles and smartphones and 'intelligent search'.

Loewe received new venture capital investment following a period of insolvency last year, and is now looking to reestablish the brand in the premium TV market across Europe. As well as the new investment, Loewe has formed a partnership with Hisense in order to help source television components.

And it looks likely that TVs, albeit with PVRs and integrated speakers in some instances, will be the company's focus rather than wireless speakers or other areas in which Loewe has previously shown an interest.

The most eye-catching screen at the Loewe press conference was undoubtedly the curved Masterpiece. Presented as a 65in 'design study' at IFA - we reckon that means prototype - the set is designed to show Loewe has the tech skills to deliver such a product. And it's due to become a reality some time towards the end of next year.

Loewe Art

Likely to be in UK stores much sooner is the Loewe Art range, which uses 'the fastest way to change channels' as its tag line. Set to be available in 40, 48 and 55in variations, the 4K set has a number of neat features.

You can watch one channel while recording another to a USB hard drive, stream live TV to a tablet or phone with MyTV2move, and hopefully access streaming 4K content thanks to the inclusion of the HEVC codec.

A 2 x 40-watt soundbar is integrated, plus wireless functionality and a host of smart TV apps.

Loewe Connect

The Connect range is billed as "the ultimate in video streaming and archiving". It's a 4K resolution screen, typically stylishly designed and with a built-in hard disk drive recorder.

You can watch two channels thanks to picture-in-picture in mode, and record another to the 1TB hard disk. The HDD also brings with it pause live TV and rewind functionality. Loewe Smart Assist will let you program recordings from your phone or tablet, too.

Again there's an integrated sound system, support for 3D video and access to Loewe's Smart TV MediaNet portal of apps and streaming services. The Loewe Connect is coming in 40, 55 and 65in screen sizes and with a range of finishes.

Loewe Reference

If you'd rather not go for a curved TV set in the form of the Masterpiece, but want the best that the German brand has to offer, then the Loewe Reference range is the one for you.

A more powerful integrated virtual surround soundbar promises "perfect sound", as well as DTS HD and TrueHD 5.1 decoding should you want to connect external speakers.

All the other features from the rest of the range are present and correct from Smart tv2move streaming of live TV content to a phone or tablet, to 3D support, USB playback and smart TV features.

It's available in 55 and 65in variants.

Full details on prices and release dates for the UK and Europe are expected to follow shortly.

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