IFA 2010: Panasonic unveils expanded range of 3D plasma TVs

Panasonic SC-BFT800

OK, we've managed to glean a bit more information from Panasonic. Here's some extra detail on all the new kit coming your way.

Published 15.00:

The Panasonic press launch has begun here at the IFA Show in Berlin, so we'll bring you the headlines as they happen, with a more detailed story and pictures to follow.

Highlights so far are:

• Panasonic claims it will be the No.1 green innovation company in the electronics industry by 2018. Expect a lot of similar environmental claims at IFA.

• Q1 this year saw Panasonic sales up 135% vs 2009. Claims to have 11.7% share of the European consumer electronics market as of June 2010, a rise from 7% in 2004.

• There are 54 3D plasmas for us to watch!

• Company is launching a 3D consumer camcorder. And there's a 3D conversion lens that fits on the end of a standard-size, Full HD camcorder, the Panasonic HDC-SDT750. Neat.

• New 3D TV line-up: new 3D plasmas, new 3D Blu-ray systems/players, and new range of 3D glasses, including different sizes of specs. All due by Christmas.

• Company drops big hints that it will bundle 3D Blu-ray of Avatar with its products around Christmas time. But no official announcement yet.

• As expected the new Panasonic 3D Viera sets are 42in and 46in plasmas. There'll be 42in GT20, 42in VT20 and 46in VT20. Panasonic 42in GT20 available immediately.

• The 42in and 46in VT20 sets will be in the shops by October 1st. Prices to follow.

• Panasonic will offer 3D video-on-demand from next year, via Acetrax movies on VieraCast (ie: via a web connection).

• Eurosport 3D TV to be available as a consumer channel by the time of the French Open tennis tournament next spring.

• If you're at IFA this weekend, Panasonic will be showing a live feed of the US Open tennis in 3D at its stand, Friday-Sunday from 5pm.

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