HIGH END 2012: Certon announces Integrita audiophile music server, designed for use in listening rooms

Launched here at the High End 2012 show in Munich is the Integrita Audiophile Music Server from Certon Systems. It's available in working capacities from 1.5TB to 6TB, with prices starting from £2950, and combines a fanless power supply and sound-deadening on the hard drives to ensure the sound of the server isn't audible behind your music.

The unit is said to be designed to be easy to install without the need for IT experience, links to a streaming client using Gigabit Ethernet and can of course stream HD video as well as music, and store pictures and other data if required.

The security of music stored on the Integrita is ensured by the use of 24/7 certified hard drives, with five of them inside the unit in a RAID 5 configuration.

Four drives contain the data, ensuring it isn't lost should one of them fail, while a fifth drive is kept as a 'hot spare': should one of the main drives fail, the fifth is then employed by the RAID system to maintain functionality until the failed drive can be replaced.

Certon says the Integrita can store over 7500 lossless albums in its largest configuration, and promises apps on the way for iOS and Android devices, allowing remote control of the device and the viewing of metadata information.

The company has extensive experience in server design: it started in 2005 as an offshoot of the University of Heidelberg, developing storage solutions for the CERN experimental facility in Geneva. Its products are built in Germany.

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