Griffin delivers iPad and iPhone accessories for every occasion

Griffin Cinema Seat

The Cinema Seat (pictured) is a simple iPad case ideal for subduing noisy children on car journeys. Stick your iPad in the case and a strap allows you to attach it to a headrest for backseat viewing. It's yours for £30.

If you'd rather just wander around with the iPad strapped to your hand, then the AirStrap is the one for you. A similar idea, this case simply has a band in to which you slip your hand. Price TBA.

For something a little more permanent you could try the Cabinet Mount. As it sounds, this allows you to have your iPad on a shelf, wall, desk or wherever you can find room for this bracket.

And there's more. How about the PowerBlock Micro? It's just a plug, yes, but it's a small one. With a USB connection you can connect and charge most USB-devices – and it won't block off any nearby plugs. It's £20.

Also new is the Armband for iPhone/iPod Touch. Designed to work with the Adidas miCoach app, the Griffin-made band is lightweight on your arm and will keep your portable secure.

See the Griffin website for more information on these products – and more – and find them on sale there and at the Apple Store.

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