Google Nexus 5 pictures point to imminent release

Images and details of the long awaited Google Nexus 5 smartphone have appeared on a number of websites around the globe.

A user on Reddit has posted photos and even held an 'ask me anything' session on the website, getting users to ask questions about the device – so he seems confident.

The Nexus phone seen in the images matches those seen in rendered counterparts which have hit the internet over the past month or so, as you can see in our Nexus 5 rumours round-up.

This release has since been followed by images of a boxed Nexus 5 apparently in stock at a Carphone Warehouse in the UK, as reported by Pocket-lint.

As for a Nexus 5 release date, the Reddit user responded: "99% certain the announcement is tomorrow for kitkat and the nexus 5. Actual release date to purchase? I don't have that info yet."

Meanwhile, German website managed to spot the Nexus 5 available for pre-order on a Swiss tech website. They suspect that Google will perform a secret unveiling of the device, and not hold a press conference. Hence why no invititations have been leaked online.

The Swiss company also has a brochure, which advertises that the device is available for pre-order and will be released on November 5th for 499CHF, which converts to around £345.

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by Max Langridge

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