Gear4 UnityRemote
£99 package turns portable devices into remote handset, communicates via Bluetooth with infrared sender unit

New from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch accessory specialists Gear4 is UnityRemote, a software/hardware package designed to make any of the Apple portable devices into a whole-system remote control.

UnityRemote comprises an app for the handhelds, plus a battery-powered infrared 'flasher' unit with 360-degree coverage, powered by three AA batteries and connected to the iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone via Bluetooth.

The software is entirely customisable to control single devices or a complete systems, and users can build a control screen combining, say, the disc controls for a Blu-ray player and the volume adjustment for an AV receiver.

Alternatively, 'events' can be set up, comprising a series of commands, for example to turn on a TV, Blu-ray player and AV receiver, select the correct inputs and start a disc.

The Gear4 UnityRemote is available now.

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