Pioneer VSX-1019AH
Pioneer has announced four new AV receivers at the budget to midrange end of the market in time for summer

Pioneer has announced four new AV receivers: the VSX-519V, VSX-819H, VSX-919AH and VSX-1019AH (pictured), all set to retail at £700 or less.

Three of the models are some of the first to be certified for iPhone and iPod compatibility, with the amplifiers also promising to enhance the sound quality of compressed MP3 files while they're at it.

The top three models – the '819, '919 and '1019 – can decode all the HD audio codecs, while the '919 and '1019 allow upconversion to HDMI. The top of the range '1019 also provides upscaling of all video signals to 1080p.

Focusing again on the top three models, you'll find a 'multi-format USB port' for connecting MP3 players. Direct digital signal transfer from the iPod to the receiver 'guarantees' the purest sound possible, we're told.

Pioneer's new receivers also incorporate multizone sound, and some come with the company's own calibration system. See the spec table below for more details.

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                                            VSX-1019    VSX-919    VSX-819    VSX-519Power (6 Ohm, 1K, 1% THD)    140W           140W         130W         130WChannels                                   7                   7                5                5HD Audio                                   yes               yes             yes            noMCACC                                      Advanced    Advanced      yes            noAdvanced Sound Retriever          Multi             Multi           2ch            2chHDMI Terminal (in/out)               4/1               3/1             3/1            2/1Deep Colour                               yes               yes             yes            yesx.v.Colour                                  yes               yes             yes            yesKURO Link                                 yes               yes              no             noAnalogue-to-HDMI conversion      yes               yes              no             noScaler (up to 1080p)                  yes                no              no              noiPod Digital                                yes               yes             yes             noJacket pictures from iPod            yes               yes              no              no Works with iPhone                      yes               yes             yes             noNew GUI                                    yes               yes             no              noMulti-zone                                 Zone2          Zone2        Zone2         Zone2


The VSX-519V and the VSX-819H will be available from May, while the VSX-919AH and VSX-1019AH will follow in June.

We're waiting on a price for the VSX-519, but the '819 is set to retail at around £400, the '919 at around £500 and '1019 at around £700, and all are available in black or silver.