FiiO launches its first-ever pair of headphones with the open-back FT3

FiiO FT3 headphones open-back
(Image credit: FiiO)

Audio manufacturer FiiO is better known as a producer of digital audio players, DACs and desktop headphone amplifiers, but the established Chinese company is set to branch out into the world of headphones with its inaugural pair of over-ear, open-back headphones. 

The new FT3 model will feature 60mm dynamic drivers within an aluminium alloy shell, a beryllium-plated gasket and a diamond-like carbon (DLC) diaphragm. The gasket promises to reduce distortion thanks to its lightweight beryllium composition, while FiiO claims the DLC’s sturdy, lightweight design will give the FT3 a “wide soundstage with excellent separation and detail”. 

FiiO FT3 headphones open-back

(Image credit: FiiO)

They’re also highly compatible with a range of audio sources. The FT3’s ‘monocrystalline; copper cable comes with a set of interchangeable connector plugs - 3.5mm and 6.35mm (single-ended) or 4.4mm and XLR-4 (balanced) – so that the cans can be used with a variety of portable music players (such as FiiO’s own M11S), smartphones, laptops, DACs and other hi-fi components. The headphones are also supplied with two pairs of removable ear pads, one pair in suede and the other in leather, as well as a leather carry case.

The new cans feature a three-axis swivel design, while the drivers are positioned at an angle so that they are parallel to the ear during listening, something FiiO claims reduces high-frequency response distortion caused by sound waves hitting the contour of the ear rather than actually entering it.

FiiO has made a new for itself with its range of hi-res music players and desktop DACs, so we’re interested to see if the new open-back FT3 headphones can compete with the established class-leaders from the likes of Grado and Beyerdynamic.

The FiiO FT3 headphones are available to buy now, priced at £289 / $299 / €299.


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