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4K TV may be all the rage now, with plenty of new ranges being unveiled at CES 2016, but for some Full HD is still the way to go. We've put three screens up against each other to find out which one deserves your money.

Multi-room speaker systems

The multi-room speaker system market is filling up fast, but which systems are the best out there? We've taken seven multi-room systems and given them a thorough going over, from set-up, to sound quality, to ease of use. Do Award-winning systems from Sonos and Bluesound have anything to worry about?


Your laptop already has an in-built DAC, but for true audiophiles the sound it produces just doesn't cut the mustard. We've tested three desktop DACs from Naim, Chord and Moon to find out which one best improves the sound from your computer.


Our Insider section this month looks at the current state of the music business. With physical sales declining and streaming services delivering little profit, how are musicians actually making money, and what hope is there for the future of music? We take a closer look.

How to choose a wireless speaker

Yet to purchase a wireless speaker or want to upgrade the one you already own? We've taken the hassle out of finding the best one for you by explaining the various features whether it be Bluetooth, AirPlay, multi-room or wi-fi.

And there's more

No issue of What Hi-Fi? would be complete without the Temptations section and this month is no different. We give the AKG's N90Q headphones the full testing treatment to see if they justify their £1300 price tag.

And our First Tests section features the world's first Dolby Atmos soundbar from Yamaha, but can it really replace a full surround system and can Apple's super-sized iPad Pro replace a laptop? All this and much, much more in the February issue of the new look What Hi-Fi? magazine.

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