EMP Tek launches Impression Series of cinema speakers in UK

Available in 5.1 and 7.1 incarnations, and with tower and bookshelf speakers, the Impression Series will be distributed in the UK by Aldous Systems.

A number of complete surround sound systems are set to go on sale, with prices ranging from £1500 to £2250.

The 5.1 bookshelf Impression system, the IMP-5.1-1, comprises four E5Bi bookshelf speakers, an E5Ci centre channel and an ES10i powered subwoofer. The IMP-5.1-1 retails at around £1,500.

The 7.1 bookshelf system, the IMP-7.1-1, includes a further two E5Bi bookshelf speakers and retails at approximately £1,900.

EMP Tek's 5.1 tower Impression system, the IMP-5.1-2, offers two E5Bi speakers for the rear channels, an E5Ci centre, ES10i sub, and two E5Ti towers for the front pair. It's yours for £1,900.

Finally, the 7.1 tower array, IMP-7-1-2, includes an additional two E5Bi speakers and will cost around £2,250.

The E5Ti tower boasts three 6.5-inch poly-matrix woofers, two 5.25-inch aluminised poly-matrix midrange drivers with fixed phase plugs, and a 1-inch poly-silk soft dome tweeter. There will also be a larger tower, the E55Ti, at £1000 a pair.

The E5Bi bookshelf speakers meanwhile boast 5.25-inch aluminised poly-matrix woofers and a 1-inch fabric dome tweeter.