Elipson Chroma 200 and 400 turntables go big on features and value

Elipson Chroma 200 and 400 turntables
(Image credit: Elipson)

If you’re after an affordable turntable that does more than just spin records - by which we mean one that can record vinyl to digital files and stream vinyl over Bluetooth - then you may well be interested in Elipson’s new range of decks.

The Chroma 200 and 400 ranges, which replace the brand’s decent Alpha and Omega series, each comprises three models – a standard deck, one with an integrated preamp, and one with a preamp, Bluetooth connectivity and a USB record output. The six new Chroma models - all designed and manufactured in France - range from £279 for the standard Chroma 200 to £699 for the flagship Chroma Carbon RIAA BT, and are available in the UK from this month.

Elipson has made a smattering of improvements to the Chroma range over its predecessors to advance its aesthetics, ease of use and sound quality.

The French brand’s engineers have designed a new rotary table axis system to improve stability and precision, and the new electronic motor system is quieter and reduces vibrations to the chassis thanks to its new damped housing.

(Image credit: Elipson)

The Chroma decks feature a manual lift on the tonearm that now also includes graduation on the counterweight and free mechanical scale for easier adjustment. In the name of improved spinning consistency and accuracy, the platters are now two-part designs, too, with a sub-platter with a ring sitting beneath a larger top platter.

Each Chroma deck features an Ortofon cartridge: the majority are fitted with the Ortofon OM10, while the top two models get the more advanced Ortofon 2MRed model. The Chroma 200 decks sport a matte black PVC chassis and aluminum tonearms, while the Chroma 400 models have a high-gloss lacquered acrylic chassis and carbon fibre tonearms.


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