Dirac announces new sound optimisation technology

Swedish research firm Dirac has announced the launch of Dirac Unison, new sound optimisation technology that has been designed for in-car and high-performance audio systems.

According to Dirac, its latest concept "precisely unites the output of speakers" in order to deliver a "lifelike listening experience" – whether you're out on the road or in your living room.

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Dirac Unison uses acoustic measurements to "create an active acoustic treatment of the listening space", featuring bass management matched to the room and the loudspeakers alike.

The result is, says Dirac, that the loudspeakers and room act together – rather than as "individual elements" – to create the best possible environment for audio or home cinema systems.

Volvo Car Group has become the first company to licence the new technology from Dirac and will make it available in its new XC90, which comes with a Bowers & Wilkins audio system.

It's hoped the use of Dirac Unison in the car will let owners recreate "acoustic environments from certain performance venues" – for example, the Gothenburg Concert Hall in Sweden.

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Dirac CEO Dr Mathias Johansson said: "We have witnessed a recent surge in interest for advanced technologies focused on the natural and accurate reproduction of sound.

"It is exciting for us to add Dirac Unison to our portfolio of technologies, further enabling our licensees in their quest to satisfy consumer demand for superb sound."

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by Pete Hayman

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