Denon aims to be microsystem master with £300 D-M37DAB

Denon D-M37DAB

Instead of simply upgrading the D-M33 or D-M35, Denon has totally re-engineered the UK-tuned system, which is available in black or silver, and with or without the new black SC-M37 speakers shown above.

Denon claims the new system has a "weightier and more dramatic sound" than its predecessors - and in our exclusive preview today, the 30W-per-channel D-M37DAB certainly sounded heftier than its size would suggest.

Despite sharing the looks of Denon microsystems past, the company insists the D-M37DAB is a ground-up redesign, featuring an all-new circuit design (including separation of digital and analogue domains) and UK-tuned electronics and speakers.

The system has boosted flexibility, too - from the CD player's ability to play MP3 and WMA discs, to the addition of easily accessible USB and line-in sockets for portable players on the D-M37DAB's front panel.

There's also a dedicated iPod dock port on the rear of the system unit, designed to be paired with any of Denon's three iPod docks - which include internet radio-enabled designs, if the D-M37's DAB/FM radio isn't enough for you!

Those SC-M37 speakers, meanwhile are an evolution of the models used in Denon's higher-end CX3 system. They are rear-ported designs, with the usual foam-bung supplied for users who need to use them hard up against a wall.

The final new element is a redesigned remote control, which aims to offer easier access to key functions - plus offer iPod control for those Denon-docked iPods.

The D-M37DAB will be available in late June, priced £299 with the SC-M37 speakers, or £229 without.

Our test unit is due just ahead of the system's release, so we should have a full review online here by the end of June.