We round-up the best gift ideas under £50 for Christmas this year, from headphones to cables, streaming services to MP3 players and more.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... isn't it?! Even if you're not already brimming with festive cheer, it's a good time to start thinking about Christmas presents, especially with Black Friday deals around the corner.

We'll be bringing you a host of present ideas over the next few weeks, beginning with a round-up of some of our favourite products under £50, including headphones, radios, tablets, cables and more.

SoundMagic E10C

Tested at £40 / Best price £33.99 at eBay

These E10Cs remain our pick of the best in-ear headphones under £50, continuing a fine tradition of SoundMagic earphones. There's a universal remote and an in-line mic for taking calls, and most importantly there's great quality sound for not a lot of money.

SoundMagic E10C review


Tested £80 / Best price £47.99 at Amazon

Don't be thinking the design means these are style over substance. These headphones took home our Product of the Year Award for over-ear headphones, delivering a dynamic, exciting sound in a portable package.

AKG Y50 review

Amazon Music Unlimited on Echo

£3.99 per month on Amazon

Got an Amazon Echo? You can get Amazon's new Spotify-rivalling streaming service, Amazon Music Unlimited, on your Echo speaker for just £3.99 month. The normal monthly price is £9.99 (£7.99 for Prime members), so it's a hefty saving. "Alexa, play Last Christmas by Wham..."

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Amazon Fire TV Stick

Tested at £35 / Best price £32.99 at Amazon

If your TV isn't a Smart TV or simply isn't smart enough, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is the perfect upgrade. It has access to Amazon's own Prime Video streaming service and Netflix, and it's just about the cheapest way to upgrade your old TV.

Amazon Fire TV Stick review

Chord Company C-Line

Tested at £45 / Best price £35 at Futureshop

Cables? Glamorous they ain't, but you can't build a decent system without them. If you want to hear your hi-fi system at its best, this award-winning analogue interconnect will help you on your way. The Chord Company C-Line is a solid upgrade. 

Chord Company C-Line review

Chord Company Clearway

Tested at £10 per metre / Best price £10 per metre at Futureshop

The Chord Clearway speaker cable is a fantastic upgrade for any hi-fi system. It knits instruments together with ease, resulting in a more musical and more enoyable performance. 

Chord Company Clearway review 

Fiio M3

Tested at £50 / Best price £49 at Amazon

A tiny but talented music player for those that don't want to clog up their smartphone with tunes.

Fiio M3 review

VQ Blighty 

Tested at £50 / Best price £47.49 at eBay

A portable DAB/FM radio with decent sound, a USB port for charging and a headphone output if you need to keep it personal. A good radio for under £50.

Apple iPod Shuffle

Tested at £40 / Best price £40

An iPod? Yes, an iPod! In the absence of any new models, this is still a great portable music player. The Shuffle keeps things simple: there's no screen, instead a voice tells you what song you're listening to and how much battery is left, but the sound quality is typical Apple - detailed and punchy. It's still fine value.

Apple iPod Shuffle review

Amazon Fire 7in tablet

Tested at £50 / Best price £47.49 at Amazon

Amazon is again the manufacturer to turn to when it comes to budget tablets. This will suit someone who doesn't demand too much from their tablet experience, and ideally is a fan of Amazon content, but it's capable of decent sound quality, has a decent battery life and is well-built in order to survive careless owners (kids).