DAVE (Digital to Analogue Veritas in Extremis) is Chord Electronics' most advanced DAC to date. It features a digital preamplifier and a headphone amp - and it goes on sale this autumn for £7995.

Instead of traditional off-the-shelf solutions, Chord tends to use an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) in its high-end DACS and use its own software to do all the number crunching. And DAVE is no different.

Chord's newest arrival also features a high-grade filter with enhanced processing powers and full high-res audio support, including DSD and DXD files up to 768kHz. 

Outputs include XLR and standard RCA connectors, plus an advanced headphone output. Inputs include USB Type-B, two optical and four coaxial digital sockets.

Many of you will be familiar with Chord's traditional casework styling - it's precision-milled from aircraft-grade aluminium. The case features a full-sized LCD display and "rotary encoder' with a large stainless steel controller.

The press release also points out that the specifications include two ultra-high-speed digital coaxial outputs, for "future, unannounced Chord Electronics products". We wonder what those could be?

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Graham Luke's picture


Could someone remind me of the limits of the human auditory system or am I buying this for the dog?

arashid's picture

too expensive

I don't see many people spending 8000 GBP on a DAC nowadays.

Yes Chord has to make money, but the rest of us have bills to pay also. A fair price would have been the price of the QBD76.

It was a silly way to annouce this dac to the world. At this price level it can only be justified by how it sounds?

It isn't a very impressive looking machine so how does it sound? And more importantly can it justify the price?


Regardsless I was never interested in this price level where DCS MSB, Naim NDS/555 and Linn KDS/2 are competing.

The best products are the Naim Unitiqutes and the Naits 

Heard a top flight hi end system the other day costing 6 figures and it just didn't impress me. Lots of money for an incremental upgrade of what I have which is a mid level Naim system with B&W speakers. 






Big Aura's picture

Sounds a bit blue collar,

Sounds a bit blue collar, after the public schoolboy Hugo...

Geddy76's picture

Don't show this to the proverbial missus

If you buy one that is.  How would you justify the cost?

Bass_line's picture

I'd have one

I'm sure this connected to one of Chords' power amps will sound amazing.

Also, 768KHz is actually 768 thousand samples per second, try not to think about the frequency limits of hearing, the human mind has no limit.