Chord Company SuperShield HDMI adds Ethernet

Chord Co Supershield HDMI Ethernet

In designing the new cable, Chord SuperShield High Speed HDMI with Ethernet, the company has also improved some areas of the basic construction.

There's a new gold-plated plug, which is die-cast for a more secure connection, and all the signal conductors are now 26 AWG silver-plated copper, Chord saying this gives 'maximum conductivity'.

Retained from the previous model are dual-layer internal shielding designed to be particularly effective at high frequencies, and gas-foamed polyethylene insulation, 'as Chord believe that both are crucial and an integral part of the original performance'.

The new cable, which supports all HDMI audio formats and 1080p 3D video, is available at £50 for a 1m length, £60 for 2m and £70 for 3m.

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