The Chord Company raises the snakes with its new CobraPlus

Chord CobraPlus

The new cable takes its design from other models in the company's range, with 22awg multistrand oxygen-free copper conductors, individually insulated and in a twisted-pair configuration. Soft cotton threads run along the insulation to provide mechanical damping, and the whole assembly is wrapped in natural fibre and then a high-density woven braid shield.

A further foil shield is then used, followed by a soft PVC inner jacket for further damping and reduced microphony, and finally there's the bright green outer cover.

Chord says of the cable that 'The combination is remarkably effective at doing what it sets out to do - to be an interconnect that adds nothing and, perhaps more importantly, removes nothing.

'This makes CobraPlus a remarkable compatible interconnect: transparent to source and capable of producing great results over both short and long runs.'

It's available now, terminated with RCA or DIN plugs as standard, with other terminations and combinations to order. A 1m stereo pair wired RCA to RCA is £66, with a single 5m subwoofer cable at £77.

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