Two new models based on acclaimed Signature cable – and a factory upgrade programme

New from cable specialists The Chord Company are two new interconnects – and unusually the company is offering existing owners, and buyers of the less expensive of the two, an upgrade path.

The new cables are Signet, at £495 for a 1m pair, and Signature Plus (above), selling for £725, and both users of the existing Signature cable and Signet buyers can upgrade their interconnects to Signature Plus specification for £225. The process involves a complete rebuild of the cable, the installation of a secondary return conductor and the replecement of the plugs.

Signet shares the construction of the Chord Company Signature cable, using two runs of cable for each interconnect – both having a central silver-plated solid core conductor, Teflon insulation and a triple layer shielding system – and being fitted with the company's low-mass silver-plated RCA plugs. In fact all that's missing is Signature's optional grounding cables.

Signature Plus uses that secondary silver-plated return conductor, first seen on Chord Anthem, and a machined acrylic plug surround, the company saying these two combine to "help to blur the line between the sometimes conflicting demands for high fidelity performance and musical enjoyment."

Both cables go on sale this month.