Chord Company gets Active for better HDMI sound and vision

Chord HDMI Active

And while the high-frequency filter network built into all lengths of the new cable is said to improve all aspects of picture performance, Chord says that it also gives it a "more detailed, dynamic and crucially musically coherent sound".

The filter network is there to reduce the intra-/inter-channel skew between the four pairs of TMDS (transmission minimised differential signalling) carriers in the cable, and this, along with traditional Chord design elements, has delivered the performance improvements.

Indeed. the company says that in factory and field tests, comparing both stereo and multichannel audio performance, "participants consistently chose a 15 metre Chord Active HDMI cable over a similarly priced 1 metre cable".

Video tests were also carried out using Denon, Arcam and Yamaha DVD and BD hardware, and the Sony PS3.

The cable conforms to the latest HDMI 1.3c/CAT 2 specification, with 340MHz bandwidth and 10.2Gbps speed allowing future developments giving higher resolutions and frame-rates. It also supports Deep Colour up to 48-bit depths.

The conductors are 26AWG silver-plated oxygen-free copper, with overlapped foil shielding on all signal paths plus double outer shieding and heavy duty braid to further reduce external interference.

Chord HDMI Active is available in a 0.75m length at £95, with 1.5m at £115, 3m £130, 5m £150, 8m £200, 10m £230 and 15m £300. The maximum run is 20m, which will cost you £450.