CES 2020: Sorry, but we actually like this shower head with an Alexa speaker

Kohler shower speaker
(Image credit: Future)

It wouldn't be CES without a whole heap of curveball products and in recent years that's tended to mean something weird with Alexa inside. CES 2020 has wasted no time in delivering just that, in the form of the Kohler Moxie Showerhead with an Alexa speaker built-in. But, we'll level you, we quite like the idea.

For a start, if you want music in a shower that you can talk to, this comes with some solid pedigree: Kohler has been delivering bathroom products for over 100 years and the speaker has been designed in conjunction with renowned audio brand Harman Kardon. And Amazon Alexa leads the way when it comes to voice assistants.

It's not just a shower head around a speaker, although it certainly is that, the speaker is also detachable, giving you a portable, waterproof Alexa speaker. There aren't actually too many of those around, and it looks pretty smart, too.

Kohler Moxie shower head with Alexa speaker

(Image credit: Future)

You can let Alexa fill you in on the days headlines while you wash, or perhaps in time allow Alexa to control the power and temperature. Or to ensure you can hear your morning tunes in the shower.

Sadly we can't vouch for either the quality of the sound or the shower head, as we weren't able to test out either, but as headline-grabbing ideas go... we're prepared to admit we actually quite like this one.

The Bluetooth speaker costs $99 on its own or it's $159 for the version with Alexa. The shower head costs an additional $70. The Alexa speaker works for up to 5 hours and is due on sale later this year.

We're reporting live from CES and you can catch-up on all the new products in our CES 2020 round-up.

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