LG watchphone
LG's launches MP3-playing watch phone, cuts noisy calls, and introduces solar-powered portables charger

Smaller companies have already put a music-playing mobile on your wrist, but now Korean electronics giant LG is to launch its own MP3 watch phone.

The new model. designed specifically for Europe, is just 13.9mm thick, and yet combines watch, music player and 3G phone. It has a full touchscreen interface, stereo-capable Bluetooth, video calling and Quadband GSM capability in addition to 3G with 7.2Mbps HSDPA data capability.

The screen is 1.43in, and covered with a curved tempered glass, and the phone also has voice-recognition for dialling, either with or without a Bluetooth headset. All together now: "Calling Dick Tracy! Calling Dick Tracy!".

It'll even talk back to you, with a Text to Speech system able to read out your SMS messages to you, and goes on sale here in Europe "sometime in 2009".

Noise-cancelling cuts noisy callsAnother audio-related mobile move is the addition of noise-cancelling technology (based on the same concept as used in NC headphones) to a range of LG phones from late 2009 – with the aim of cutting out call-ruining background noise.

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Charge your player for freeIn keeping with a wider eco-theme, LG has announced solar and wind-powered charging solutions for a wide range of mobile devices, including in-car solar charging kits.

More model details to follow...