CEATEC NEWS: Sharp launches next-gen LCDs onto Japanese market

sharp x series launch

The new TVs demonstrate what the company calls its MegaASV techonology, combining a contrast ratio in excess of 1,000,000:1 and colour gamut that's 150% of the normal NTSC colourpace.

The acronym stands for 'Mega Advanced Super View', and the TVs were launched with the usual Japanese razzamatazz, involving a presenter, two models and company vice president Masafumi Matsumoto, who presented the new sets to a huge throng of journalists, photographers and TV crews - they take their consumer electronics very seriously here!

The new screens are just 2.28cm deep at their thinnest part, with a total depth of just over 6cm. They're also lighter on the energy bills than the models they replace, the 65in model's 294kW/h per year consumption being 28% down on the current version.

There's also a 52in version, and both models use an ultra-slim 2.1-channel speaker bar mounted below the display. This was developed in collaboration with Pioneer, with whom Sharp is also working on a range of home and mobile integration strategies, and makes use of Sharp's 1-bit amplifier technology.

Completing the specification is a picture mode, allowing the TV to display still images, so that it blends into the domestic environment even when you're not watching TV, and full compatibility with the company's Aquos Familink unified remote system.

A new remote control with its own rather smaller LCD screen simplifies the setting up of functions such as recording on the company's Blu-ray Disc and HDD recorders.