BRISTOL SHOW: NAD to launch 12 new hi-fi and home cinema products


Perhaps most exciting is the company's launch of modular, fully upgradeable components. This will allow dealers to upgrade consumers' electronics as and when it is required – for example, to incorporate the latest HD codecs.

There will be four 'building block' compatible products at launch in the New Year and four component boards to do the all important updating – two audio, two video.

First-up in the modular line-up is the NAD T765 multichannel receiver, offering seven channels of 80 watts of power, three 1080p HDMI inputs and one output. There's no HD audio decoding from the off but that is of course where the modular design will come in to use.

Next in line are the T737 and T747, the former set to come with all the necessary 'bells and whistles' at £450.

Upscaling DVD player for £230
There will also be a new 1080p-upscaling DVD player, the T517, which will retail for around £230. Completing the home cinema line-up is the T587 Blu-ray player – click on the link to read our previous news coverage.

Over to the two-channel side of things, and leading from the front is the C165/C275 BEE pre/power amplifier combination. The two components will sell for £1500 together.

Another of the modular machines, the C375 integrated amplifier will sell for £900, and could be equipped with an off-board DAC or a phono preamp thanks to the building block design.

The amp will offer two channels of 150 watts, NAD's PowerDrive circuit, seven line inputs, gold-plated sockets, NAD's Soft Clipping feature and front input for an MP3 player.There will also be a C326 integrated amplifier, set to retail at around £295.

New CD players for £500 and £330
Two new CD players will be released, too, with the C565BEE (pictured above) at around £500 and the C545BEE – replacing the C542 – at around £330.

The C545BEE CD player – click the link for our original news story – has been delayed a touch but we will definitely have the world exclusive review in our March issue, out February 7th.

Last but not least is the C717 DVD micro system, set to retail around £400 and looking to major on sound quality, naturally enough, and an FM/AM receiver, the C725, which for £550 will have all the necessary trimmings for multiroom installations.

More news and reviews to follow of all of these products in due course. In the meantime, head over to the NAD website for more information as and when it's released.