BRISTOL SHOW: Cyrus previews three-strong new amplifier range

Cyrus 8XPd

Now the company has designed its first all-new amplifier platform in a decade, in the shape of the Pre XPd preamp (£1300), the 8 XPd integrated (£1500) and the 6 XP integrated (£900).

The Pre XPd is based on the circuitry used in Cyrus's DAC XP model, but uses a more affordable DAC stage.

It's fitted with five digital inputs and a USB connection, the latter designed for easy connection of a PC, Mac or laptop to enable the user to play back music files stored on their computer through the high-performance DACs in a Cyrus system.

For an even higher level of performance, there's an optional Qx DAC upgrade that will upgrade all five digital inputs in one go.

The Cyrus 8XPd model combines the new XP preamp with a revised 2 x 70 watt power amplifier to create an integrated stereo amp with multiple digital inputs, so it can be connected to any digital source component.

And for those on a tighter budget, the Cyrus 6 XP (2 x 40W) is based on the 8 XPd but without the digital inputs or a power supply upgrade port.

However, the base model can be upgraded with digital inputs, to make it a 6 XPd, or fully upgraded to an 8 XPd or even Pre XP at a later stage if the customer requires. Full details of the various upgrade options are available on the Cyrus website.

All the new models have two-zone multiroom capability, and will fit the new Cyrus Hark II integrated rack, which sells for £800. The Hark II can be supplied with an optional shelf for a laptop, and there is space inside the main support column for a Network Attached Storage device or hard drive.