BRISTOL SHOW 2010: Pioneer plans 'Genius Bar' for show demo

Pioneer XW-NAS5

The Japanese company is planning a 'Genius Bar' where visitors will have the chance to try out its new XW-NAS5 Bluetooth iPod dock (pictured) and its range of multichannel receivers. Visitors will be able to stream YouTube clips directly from their Apple iPhone or iPod Touch to a screen.

Also on display will be Pioneer's 'Pure Malt Whisky' speakers, made from 100-year-old whisky barrels "to create the smoothest and richest acoustic sound". And we're sure that's not the whisky talking!

The second part of the Pioneer stand will include a 'living-room style demonstration area' kitted out with a BDP-LX52 Blu-ray player and SC-LX82 AV receiver, partnered with Pioneer's new S-71 speakers.

The S-71 speakers were created at the Pioneer Speaker Design Centre in Paris in collaboration with engineers from the firm's Tokyo HQ.

Visitors will also get to see Pioneer's renowned Susano amplifier, its high-end BDP-LX91 Blu-ray player as well as the more affordable models in the range such as the BDP-320 and VSX-919AH.

For full details of all the exhibits at Bristol, see our special show blog.

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