BRISTOL SHOW 2010: Anthem unveils its first Blu-ray player for £599

Anthem BLX200

Key features include an ultra-fast loading time, 1GB of built-in memory and an Ethernet port for connecting to the web to take advantage of BD Live content. But it's not 3D compatible.

It will upscale standard-definition discs to 1080p via HDMI, supports Deep Colour, x.v.Colour and AVCHD, is fully compatible with 24fps (frames per second) playback and features audio decoding and bitstream output for Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD.

There's a 7.1 PCM audio output via HDMI for compatibility with older AV processors, plus optical and coaxial digital digital connections for AV amps/receivers that don't support HDMI.

Perhaps more importantly for owners of Anthem kit, the internal de-interlacing can be bypassed so the video processing can be handled by Anthem's AVM50v and Statement D2v AV processors.

Later this year Anthem plans to launch its first range of integrated AV receivers, called the MRX range.

There'll be £900 nad £1300 models in June, followed by £1900 and £3000+ versions later in the year.

Also shown for the first time at Bristol are the £7000 Paradigm SUB2, claimed to be "the world's most powerful subwoofer", the £3500 SUB1 and £1250 Seismic 110.

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