At least one of our number is feeling very old with the realisation that it was 30 years ago this weekend that Patti Smith's Because the Night was released.

It's also 44 years since the premiere of Elvis's Viva Las Vegas movie, and 32 years since The Rolling Stones' Black and Blue album appeared.

Meanwhile back in the here and now, there's a new What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Ultimate Guide on sale, with a brand new look and everything you need to know about choosing and making the most of a superb hi-fi system.

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Meanwhile on line, we've...

Over in the Forums we now have over 13,000 registered users, and almost 66,000 posts to keep you talking.

This week we've been talking about 2.1-channel surround systems, wondering whether black or silver is the 'in' colour for hi-fi and home theatre equipment, and knitting our brows over the choice of jumpers.

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