BBC to filter out vuvuzelas on World Cup broadcasts?

World Cup 2010

With a rising number of complaints (545 to date) about the cacophony made during matches by the distinctive sounding horns, a spokesperson from the BBC Sports press office told the Chris Evans breakfast show this morning that they were looking at technical solutions to the problem.

"If the vuvuzela continues to impact on audience enjoyment, we will look at what other options we can take to reduce the volume further," says the BBC.

The Corporation says it has "already taken steps to minimise the noise", and is now considering cutting out more of the vuvuzela noise on its red button service, but says a final decision has yet to be made.

If you can't wait for the BBC to deal with it, or FIFA to ban the vuvuzelas, there may be an alternative solution (although it's not one we've tested).

According to a number of reports on the web, if you own a Samsung TV you can tweak the sound settings on it to help reduce the vuvuzela noise:

1) Enter the sound settings for your TV

2) Drop the 300Hz channel and raise the adjacent levels

3) Save as a custom set-up

This does not remove the vuvuzela noise completely, apparently, but it can reduce the impact, although it does have the side effect of making voices on the commentary less full bodied.

If you have a Samsung telly give it a go, and let us know if it helps. If you don't have a Samsung telly, let us know of any other solutions you've tried.

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