BBC extends iPlayer 4K UHD trial to Wimbledon 2018 (and Sky Q)


It's safe to say reaction to the BBC's iPlayer-based 4K UHD HDR World Cup coverage has been mixed - but for those who've enjoyed a stable stream, the results have been unarguably impressive.

And while the BBC acknowledges the ongoing trial has had its challenges, it's forging ahead with iPlayer-based 4K UHD HDR streams of next month's Wimbledon Championships tennis tournament.

The general terms and conditions remain the same: the BBC recommends a connection of at least 40mb/s to enjoy the full-fat 3840 UHD experience, or 20mb/s for 2560. Like the World Cup coverage, access to the stream will be on a 'first come, first served' basis, with places limited to "tens of thousands of viewers".

Unlike the World Cup coverage, 4K UHD pictures will also be available to Sky Q customers, via the red button on BBC2. Broadcasts will be via satellite rather than internet, and the UHD coverage is limited to the singles semi-finals and finals. And there will be no HDR element for Sky Q viewers.

There's a list of compatible TVs and set-top boxes - it's constantly being amended and updated, and there's no mention of the recently announced compatibility with PS4 Pro.

Wimbledon 2018 starts on July 2nd and concludes on July 15th. As the World Cup is still being contested during this period (although not at its current, frantic rate of three games a day), it'll be very interesting to see if the BBC's technology is up to the inevitable demand.


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