Eos wireless system
The Eos wireless system for iPod audio is coming to the UK courtesy of Armour Home

Armour Home has announced that it has been appointed by IntelliTouch to be the exclusive UK distributor of Eos – 'the world's first digital wireless home audio speaker system for iPod'.

The Eos system has an iPod docking base station at its heart – complete with stereo speakers and a subwoofer – that's capable of transmitting to the supplied wireless stereo speaker.

The base station also includes a 3.5mm input jack for connecting another music source.

Up to threemore wireless stereo speakes can then be added to the system to make a complete home wireless system from your iPod.

The Eos uses its own GigaWave technology, which employs error correction and 'a unique frequency hopping scheme' to achieve a range of up to 50 metres through walls and ceilings.

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The wireless speakers also feature a removable, integrated power supply that allows the speaker to mount directly to a wall power outlet or – with the power supply removed – the speaker can be placed elsewhere.

The recommended retail price of the core system, which includes a docking station/transmitter with built-in speakers and one extra wireless remote stereo speaker, is £250. Extra speakers are priced at £100 each.

The Eos system has a two year warranty and is available now from Veda.co.uk and authorised dealers throughout the UK.